Thank you for your patience as JournaFact spins up! Full features and information may not be available at this temporary site, however, we look forward to better answering your questions following our 2021 hard launch.

JournaFact info

JournaFact is an independent, non-commercial, non-partisan project that fact-checks journalists and the newsgathering media. We soft launched on a limited, beta site in November 2020. A full launch is planned for 2021. JournaFact is based in Hanover, Maryland, United States. Our staff are assisted by a panel of academic reviewers providing specialized knowledge in their respective fields. We are generously supported by a bequest from the estate of Naomi Nover and donations from readers. Want to get in touch? Email us at contact /at/ journafact.com.

JournaFact staff

D. Canton Devereaux (Editor)               R.R. Miles (Research Associate)     Claudia K. Rolling (Webmaster)

Please bear with us, a full listing of staff and reviewers is forthcoming. 

A passage from an article that first appeared in the American Journal of Sociology appears on the front page of JournaFact and is our lodestar. This limited excerpt from a copyright work is an interpretative aid that provides explanatory context for the philosophical approach of this educational website. The author is unaffiliated with this site.